2015 – A Year in Review…and what to expect for 2016

First and foremost, WELCOME TO MY BLOG. This is a crazy intimidating experience for me, but one that I am really excited to dive into. I’ll warn you all now that there are a few things you can expect from me here; #1 – Honesty, #2 – cursing and #3 – a lot of commas (,) and exclamation points (!) used when they shouldn’t be! Side note: I think every english teacher I ever had ran out of red pen circling my excessive commas. The reason for this use is because I am deathly afraid of run on sentences. *Nerd alert*

It’s so cliché to launch this blog at the beginning of a new year. Rah rah, new year, new me. While it’s true that I too want a “new me”, the truth is that 2015 actually brought me the realization that I’m pretty OK with the current me. This past year has probably been my best yet. I can attribute this high ranking year to the birth of my son, who has made me feel complete in every way. Not only has he completed our little family, but he has become my daughters playmate for life. When I watch the two of them laugh together, and make each other smile it makes my heart feel so incredibly full. At 2.5, my little blond hair, blue eyed princess is just the sweetest soul. She adores her baby brother, and somehow I feel like all is right in the world -for the first time ever.

B entered the world in April 2015, a whopping 10 lbs 7 oz! He arrived fast and furious, and I am certain he will continue to be this way for many years to come. I went into labour at midnight, and he was here at 4:03am. I didn’t even arrive at the hospital until 2am, and sadly the midwives said there was no time for drugs. So yes – all 10 lbs 7 oz of him arrived NATURALLY. You can all send me some cupcakes as an award. 🙂 Thank you in advance!

K – the doting big sister, at only 22 months was insanely thrilled. When she saw her baby brother for the first time, all she could say was “baby”. Of course, she had no idea that he would come home with us. To say we were a little nervous how we’d incorporate another child into our home would be an understatement. K had been our world, and we feared that a new baby would disrupt things. Yes, we were excited as well, but nervous as hell! I had read horror stories of toddlers telling their parents to take the baby away, or that they don’t like the baby. Ultimately, I don’t think things could have gone better. K was over the moon, and all she ever wanted to do was hold him and give him kisses. *heart melts*.

2015 was also our first full year in our current home. We spent 2011-early 2014 living in a small town away from family and friends. Our current home gives us a sense of belonging. It’s a town that we feel safe in, and that provides us with the “community” feeling that we’ve always said would be ideal for raising our own family. It certainly comes with some challenges (ex. hubby’s commute), however, as with many things in life – sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

K started preschool in 2015. She really needed some socialization, and this Momma needed some time sans toddler! I remember thinking when K was a baby how difficult things were…but add a toddler and its like climbing a 90 degree mountain without rope – you just hold on for dear life and hope you don’t fall down! Everyone warned me that the first year is the hardest and then it gets “easier”. Lets see about that…..

Although 2015 has been an incredible year – there’s been two major changes that have certainly been difficult. Two of my favourite people in my life moved away. One, my brother – moved to Montreal, a good 4-5 hours away, and two, my sister – moved downtown Toronto. She previously lived only 10-15 minutes away so now being almost an hour it certainly makes it a bit harder to see her. Although it definitely sucks sometimes, I can also say that I am really excited for what life has in store for both of them on their newest journeys. I always remind myself that it could be worse – we could all live in different provinces and be lucky to see one another once a year. Or even worse, we could dislike each other and never see one another. Thankfully – we all get along great…now. 😛

Well, I know that 2015 brought us mostly good experiences, and that this isn’t the case for everyone. One thing, I don’t want to do is take for granted what a good year it was. I know how fast things can change (believe me!), so for now I will just remember the year fondly, and look forward to the future. 2016 will come with more incredible memories, and I am sure some challenges as well. I’ll be going back to work in April, and my incredible hubby is actually going to take some parental leave over the summer and play daddy daycare! I’m really excited for him, and for the kids to spend that much time with their Dad. It’s an opportunity that will likely not come up again, so we’re going to sacrifice the income for 4 months, and soak up these early years with the children as much as possible. As far as resolutions go – I prefer not to officially make them. What I’ve done in the past is set little mini goals for myself. For example, for 2015 I made a commitment to floss more frequently. LOL. I also began writing in a journal (One Line a Day), and I’m recording one good memory a day. It’s been an incredible way to find peace at the end of the day, when I may otherwise go to bed feeling defeated or frustrated. Both of these commitments have been successful. So, for 2016 I am committing to taking better care of my skin by using my new skin cleansing system (Clarisonic Mia 2). I also plan to start back up with Hot Yoga (since I haven’t really gone since I found out I was pregnant with B), and to continue with a workout program I began a few months ago (I’ll share more about this soon!).

I want to send out a massive boat load of best wishes to all of my family and friends for 2016! May this year bring you all the joy, happiness and peace that we all long for every day. I can’t wait to welcome new babies into the world (not mine!), hopefully meet new friends, and see old friends more often. Cheers! Salut!







4 thoughts on “2015 – A Year in Review…and what to expect for 2016

  1. pypesnbella says:

    10. 7lbs! My peanut was 9.7 and I thought that was rough I can’t imagine what another pound would have been like, lol. Happy new year from a fellow momma who loves her commas 😉


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