Raise your hand if you like Mondays…..womp womp womp. I suspect very few people raised their hand, and if you did – you are a liar! (Or you work weekends, and Monday is your Saturday… in which case, we’re probably not friends anyways.. so :P). Anyways, Mondays are horribly horrible… and the only thing worse than a Monday – is a Tuesday, because let’s be honest, there is absolutely NOTHING to look forward to on Tuesdays, EVER! The good news about Mondays, is that I am going to make my very best effort to post my most honest thoughts on Mondays. I’ve coined these posts “Mom-fessional Monday”. I wish I could say I made up the momfessional term, but I’m sure I read it somewhere and therefore cannot take credit. This is happening on Mondays, because it’s the only day of the week that I can use alliteration for this super fantastic term. Bahh.

A momfessional post will include my admittance of something I have done, or currently do as a Mom. I’ve already said in my very first blog post that you can expect, above all else, honesty. So I won’t be sugar coating mommy hood, even though it really is pretty sweet MOST of the time.

So, the truth is…. when I was in my pre-baby stage of life, I LOVED babies. Newborns were the most incredible little angels, and I was all over any chance I got to hold, cuddle or even smell a newborn. It was like the reaction you get when you see “newborn photos” and they are all curled up into tiny little balls, looking like peaceful little darlings. These photos are usually pretty accurate – for about 5% of the day with a newborn! This must be why parents get these photos done, because it’s the only time a baby will sleep through just about anything, and if you can capture that on camera you might just forget about the horror that truly comes with having a newborn. Here’s the thing, newborns sleep A LOT. If they aren’t sleeping, they are crying, shitting or eating. At least, in my experience they were. My second was not nearly as bad as my first, but nevertheless, newborns are also extremely boring. They don’t smile, coo, giggle, or really give you any type of response whatsoever. They just sleep, eat and cry. It’s emotionally and physically draining. I’ll never forget our first night at home with K. She was 1 day old, and hubby and I paced around the house for hours trying to get her to sleep. She just cried and cried. Finally, she fell asleep in D’s (hubby) arms and he laid down on the bed and we all slept for a few hours. So here we are – night 1 of parenthood alone and we broke the cardinal “DO NOT SLEEP WITH BABY IN BED” rule. Ooops. I remember D saying to me “I wish we had stayed in the hospital so the nurses could be around to help us”! He was already paranoid about coming home so early, so this was not a welcome first night. Anyways, this crying went on for almost 4 months. No, K did not have colic – in fact, I’m not even sure that’s a real thing (Thanks, Dr. Karp), but we were clueless as to how to handle a newborn, and even more so how to get them to stop crying. I think things were smoother with B because we had some sense of what we were doing. After 2 babies in 2 years, I can now admit that I really cannot stand the newborn phase (Months 1-3). My advice to new moms or moms to be is just buckle up, stock up on tissue (for you) and hold on tight. If you are breastfeeding, offer your boob anytime they cry. If that doesn’t help, they are tired. Find out how to get them to sleep, and do it. Maybe it’s the boob, or the stroller, or a baby carrier/wrap, or a pacifier. Do not worry about what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do in these months. You cannot spoil a newborn, and they will not become forever dependent on nipples, pacifiers, strollers, etc. Also, I am telling you now, IT GETS BETTER, I promise promise promise promise promise! When does it get better? Every. single. day.






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