Mind Blown Pinterest Success

Waterstain Removal

I’ll start off by saying that I have attempted MANY Pinterest DIYs and recipes. I love Pinterest. Who doesn’t? This meme is probably so true though, and we’ve likely all been duped.


I was never a big fan of cooking or baking… and now I get super excited to try new recipes. For that reason, I’m going to start a section for this blog that will highlight some #pinterestsuccesses and #pinterestfails (I’ve had many of both).

This past week, I nearly pissed my pants with excitement over a much needed life (furniture) saving solution. I kid you not…. when this chemical free solution started washing away my problem, I almost fell on the floor. I ran around my dining room like a giddy school girl who just received a sideways glance from the captain of the hockey team. It’s true… this kind of stuff excites me these days.

This magical pinterest find, was a WATER STAIN REMOVING SOLUTION FOR WOOD FURNITURE!! Let’s rewind.

A few months ago, I was so incredibly lucky to inherit some absolutely beautiful dining room furniture circa 1950s. I had been looking for YEARS for the perfect dining room Buffet and could not find one that made my heart flutter. If I did find one, then the price tag usually made me vomit in my mouth. So, when these pieces came into our lives, it was Love at first sight.


Over the Holidays, I had one of those fake snow batting things on top of this for decor. Then I had a Poinsettia. Well….. this was a big mistake because then THIS HAPPENED. <Insert my crying face here.>


However… PINTEREST TO THE RESCUE. I found this link. 

I tried Step 1. Failed. Step 2. Failed. Step 3… JACKPOT.

I mixed equal parts baking soda to toothpaste and here’s the outcome.

I tried a small patch at first to see if it would work, and I’ll be damned. The water stain started to come out, as if it were MAGIC. I used an old raggedy white face cloth and some elbow grease. It did take a bit of effort, but it worked! In total, I think I used about 1-1.5 tsp of baking soda, and the same for tooth paste. I had both of these ingredients on hand, so basically this cost me nothing! I’ll also note that I did one small patch at a time, so that the paste did not soak in too much. It took me a total of maybe 30 minutes to clean the entire spot which was a good 6 inches by 6 inches large. Lastly, I did not do step 6 or 7 yet because very little of the wax actually came off. I probably will eventually wax the entire top of this piece of furniture though, for extra protection. This is a kid friendly home, after all. So here it is.. A NO CHEMICAL – FREE (basically) SOLUTION TO CLEANING WATER STAINS FROM WOOD.






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