Mom Jeans

I used to think Mom Jeans were like an 80s thing… super hip at the time for all ages, but then our Moms just never got rid of them. I was wrong… so wrong. There really are such things as MOM JEANS, and today I must confess… I bought my first pair….FML.

A glimpse into my future perhaps?


What I love about this SNL skit is that they are over the moon happy about their high waisted, triple sized ass jeans. Who needs butt implants when you have these babies in your closet?

So I had an impromptu stop over at Costco today, and mother of God that store just sucks me in. I rarely leave spending less than $150, even when (like today) I stop in to pick up toilet paper. I was alone, and so that made things worse because I’m not in a rush to get in and out before meltdown central begins. Capital D – Dangerous! As per usual I am scanning the clothing section, and I see a table of jeans. The sign is showing $4 off bringing the total price to a whopping $15. Seriously… this kind of price just screams BUY ME NOW.  Then, the woman sifting through the jeans next to me says to her friend “oh my gosh these are high waisted – just what I need. hahaha”. In my head, I’m thinking – good lord, I could totally use some high waisted jeans too! And they have a “slimming panel”.

I bought the jeans, in the darkest colour they had.


Crap. I should not have bought the jeans. They are going back ASAP.

Why? Because nothing about high waisted jeans is flattering when you are working with a belly bulge. NOTHING. It’s such a misconception, a high waist will hide my bulge. NO. IT DOES NOT. So Mom’s, hear me out – don’t fall victim to the Mom Jean. You don’t need them. $15 sounds great, but that’s how “they” get you. I love me a good deal, don’t get me wrong. However, I’d rather spend $100 for a proper pair of jeans that I feel good in. This Momma is in desperate need of some amazing new jeans! Which leads me to a request….I need some suggestions on your FAVOURITE jeans for post baby bodies! or if you have not had children then jeans that you think would work great for a post baby body. I’m willing to spend money… but if I spend $100 they better be REALLY worth it. If I can get some great suggestions in the comments, I will consider doing a review of a handful of them on the blog. I must be able to buy them here in Canada, and ideally ONLINE. I’ll take pictures and then rate them from best to worst in the hopes that other Mom’s can shop in confidence when they are on the hunt for new, fabulous NON MOM JEANS. 🙂 I look forward to any and all suggestions, so please share this post with your mom friends, and site my SOS.

The hunt is ON.




7 thoughts on “Mom Jeans

  1. Veronica says:

    American Eagle! Super stretchy and not inappropriately low cut for still kinda lumpy moms. I recently got a pair of darker skinnies and really light high waisted jeggings. I usually like to wear those with my favourite floral bodysuit while watching Friends.


  2. pypesnbella says:

    Costco will do this to you! …make you think you need those things you really don’t need (mine was a giant bag of bacon bits on my last trip). My favorite purchase I made recently was at a Khols and they were a really stretchy, jegging ish material but they look like jeans! I must confess they do go up pretty high but they are so stretchy and dark and flattering that I wear them constantly. My advice is find something with a stretching material you can still bend down in while your chasing around your kiddos and doing your million mom duties and also (like you spotted at costco) find a dark color 🙂 good luck!


    • Two Peas From My Pod says:

      Costco is an evil evil villain…but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a giant bag of bacon bits. I actually live in Canada, so unfortunately no Kohls here 😦 wahh.. I’ve always avoided Jeggings for fear that they lose their “stretch” and then just look saggy…. I also get super annoyed when jeans start sagging mid-wear. I do need to make sure that plumbers crack is covered up though. Ain’t nobody got time for that eyesore! lol. Thanks for your input!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • pypesnbella says:

        Haha amen sista. My absolute favorite pair of jeans from my pre baby days were Mek jeans from the buckle.. They were 100% perfect. I paid just over $100 for them (i had been working my ass off so i went a little crazy one paycheck) lol but they have lasted me 5 years, I just dont fit in them right now 🙂


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