Is it Naptime Yet?

Ughhhhh… today has been ONE OF THOSE DAYS. You know what I mean, the kind of day where the moment you wake up you expect nothing good to come in the next 15 hours or so. Like clockwork, it’s 6:15 am and I hear B waking up… Son of a… wait, I can’t say that phrase about him, can I? Crap. Okay, so it’s early, it’s still pitch black out, and the little voice down the hall is yelling for me. I saunter towards his room, turn on his light and try to be as cheerful as possible to get that amazing morning giggle that makes early mornings worth while. Nada. Instead, I’m greeted with screams. Oh boy, here we go.

B is one of those babies who MUST EAT IMMEDIATELY upon my arrival. Hates morning diaper changes, and acts like a starving gorilla throwing himself all over the place. Finally, I sit down on the couch, plop out the boob and silence.. Ahhh. SO nice. After a good feed, he’s usually ready to play.. nope – not today. Now that he’s climbing up and grabbing at me, apparently I’m his only source of play. All I want to do is lie on the couch, put the blanket on me and go back to sleep. For whatever reason, my eyelids feel like cinderblocks, and I’m feeling like there’s absolutely no amount of coffee in the house to rescue me right now. An hour passes, and it’s time to get K up. Yes, I wake her up by 7:30 if she isn’t awake because if I don’t I can kiss nap time goodbye. Not in this house. Oh hell no.

Anyways, since I am moving at a snails pace, and feeling lazy AF I tune in to the trusty babysitters, netflix and youtube. Thank you, “The Learning Station” for teaching my toddler about the side slide, baby sharks and the boom chicka boom. I get breakfast going, feed the kiddos and I’ve downed about a half a pot of coffee.


B goes down for his nap at 9:15, and I clean up from breakfast, tidy up his toys and attempt to entertain K. She’s not having any of it…whatever, Nanny netflix to the rescue. I should be ashamed with how much the TV has been on today….I’m not. 10am comes and B wakes up. NO! It hasn’t even been an hour.. I’m not down with these crap naps. I leave him for a few minutes, so I can pray. He has other plans… this nap is done.

By 10:30, I’m checking the clock and mentally counting how long I have until the next naptime. Thank you baby Jesus for encouraging us to have two children less than 2 years apart so that the older one will still be napping! Halleluja!! I go through the motions to get through the rest of the morning….today’s outing was supposed to be a trip to the library, because we have some books out for K that were due yesterday, but let’s be honest.. mommy was in no mood to lug two kids to a LIBRARY. I instead opted to stay in my jammies (gross, I know), and watch the clock until naptime. Lunchtime was a fail for K… this kid picks and chooses the days she will eat. Today, was not one of them. Grapes and a few pretzel sticks is how she’s getting by today. This is a diet I should trademark – the toddler diet. If they can survive, I’m sure adults can too, right?

Following lunch, I usually get to enjoy about 20-30 minutes of really happy, crazy kids. They kind of get super silly at this time, and although I am usually so checked out by now, I do my best to sincerely enjoy these moments. Today, K played peek-a-boo with B in front of his high chair. She held on to it, and poked her head up, at which point he loses his mind laughing. Seriously, there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching your kids have fun TOGETHER – even at such a young age.


Peek-a-boo! Yes, they are wearing their matching Christmas jammies today.. for lunch. Like I said, ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

FINALLY, it’s 1pm and K goes down for her nap, without a fight.. MOMMY WIN. I now have 45ish minutes until B goes down for his second nap of the day. Naps are hella important in this house… not just for me, but for the kids too. They turn into crazies without naps.. so I will sacrifice pretty much any social outing to ensure these naps happen. B and I roll around on the ground, play with some wooden shape sorter, watch the kids in the school yard behind our house and then he chews on a lotion bottle so I can change his diaper in peace to get him ready for his nap. Down he goes at 1:52……I quickly clean up from lunch, and hop in for a shower. It’s time I get myself together.. my last ditch effort to feel like a human today. After a quick shower, I grab my laptop and end up here… to recap my day. Maybe I’ll find some light……

MOTHER OF GOD it’s 2:45 and he’s waking up. WHYYYYY??? As per usual, I’ll leave him for a bit to see if he goes back to sleep. Once again, he has other plans. So, I go in and give him my sweetest “why the F are you awake?” smile, and pick him up from his crib. He’s acting sucky, so I lay his head on my chest and sit in the chair in his room. I kid you not, this little boy is a cuddle monster. I LOVE it.  We cuddle for nearly 20 minutes, and all of a sudden, everything is right in the world.


When we finally come out from his room I notice it’s 3:20, which is 20 minutes late for waking up K. Yes, I wake her up from naps too, because if I don’t I can look forward to major bedtime battles. I will admit, when it comes to my kids’ sleep, I sort of obsess about it. I really expect as close to 14 hours a day for B (9 mths), but he certainly likes to test me, often! K has always been my sleep rock star. At her age, I expect 12-13 hours minimum.. and she almost always gives me that. Bless her heart.

One of the things I’ve noticed when it comes to having a bad day, is that kids will totally feed off of your energy. I take responsibility for the freak outs that might occur out of sheer boredom when I’m being too lazy to be “on”. Even though I know that I don’t have to be “on” all the time, I did sign up for this gig, and I owe it to my kids to be as engaged as possible, when possible. Yes, there’s going to be THOSE DAYS…and that’s OK, but they should be few. What is important is that you still make every effort to look back and see the amazing moments that sneak in to every single day. It’s what really makes it all worthwhile.







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