Play school, Poop and Potato Chips

Back in September, K started at her play school. It’s a super cute little co-operative school for 2-4 year olds, and I get to volunteer once a month to participate in my daughter’s learning experience (and reduce the monthly fee!). I really had no idea what to expect when this play school journey began… to be honest, I was just looking forward to a toddler free morning twice a week. What has become of this experience has FAR exceeded any expectations I had.. both good, and bad. The changes that I’ve seen happen with my girl, in such a short time are unbelievable! She’s speaking so clearly, in full sentences, can differentiate between her left and right side of her body, can count to 15, recite the ABC’s without fail, and you guys.. when she colours, there’s intention! It’s not just scribbles on the paper anymore. I’m beyond proud with how far she has come in her social skills, as well as her creative and personal skills. What I’m not proud of however, is how I totally suck at being the super awesome school mom! Fundraising, play dates, valentines cards, party snacks, baked goods… woah. Talk about a whole new world!!! This stuff makes me feel SO OLD, and I was really NOT PREPARED! What this has taught me though, is that I’m not at all the over achieving Mom. I won’t ever raise hundreds of dollars in fundraising efforts for my kids, although I’d love to… because it’s super annoying having to harass your friends and family a dozen times a year. Can I just donate like $200 for the year and call it a day? I also won’t spend hours crafting up some meticulous piece of art that our family was supposed to decorate. I will however run around my house scrambling the night before a “family project” is due and finish gluing and colouring AFTER the kids are in bed. I’ll throw some ribbon and a few stickers on a piece of paper and call it a day. Sorry, kids! I know that I’ve got many many years to perfect the art of playing “school Mom”, but let’s face it, I’m not trying to impress anyone and I’m perfectly OK with not having it all together.. I’ll do my best to make a Pinterest worthy “hub” in my kitchen; complete with a Mommy do list, calendar, Activities for the month, birthday parties, and school deadlines. I’ll screw up a lot, run around the night before a due date like a crazy person, and probably show up to work with mismatched shoes once or twice, and I’m totally cool with that. If Mrs. Jones wants to talk about me at the parent teacher meetings.. well, she can suck it!

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.10.40 PM

My Munchkin on her first day of play school

While K is becoming a kid right before my very eyes (not a toddler anymore), she’s also become OBSESSED with POOP. Is this normal for kids to go through this phase? It seems extremely bizarre to me….especially because it’s not HER poop… it’s all poop. She’s been potty trained since she was just over 2 (yay!), so now it’s all about having to see what she (or any of us for that matter) has left behind. She’s particularly curious about B’s poop, and demands to see it in his diaper. So gross… and this, coming from a girl who can’t get her hands dirty without having to go wash them a million times a day. No matter how many times I tell her “no” she does not need to see the poop, it’s not enough. She has literally had melt downs because I refused to show off B’s poopy diaper. LOL. I am laughing about this now, because I cannot wait until she reads this blog one day. Haha. Even the dogs are not immune… so strange. I am praying this phase passes SOON!

Speaking of praying… B was baptized last weekend!! You like my little segue there? 🙂 I finally got my act together, and made things official. He is now a child of GOD. My job is done. haha. Kidding. In all seriousness though, it was a bit of a tough decision to go ahead with B’s baptism because we had some hoops to jump through and some indecisiveness as to whether it felt “right”. I won’t go into detail, but at the end of the day, I felt it was important.

Having gone through the baptism, I was somewhat reminded of some of my beliefs and of course with it being Lent I did some self reflection…. I do typically give up something for Lent every year, and this year was no exception. As is pretty common for myself, I’ve decided to give up the usual food items of chocolate and potato chips; and I never had an issue with eating chips in the past, but thanks to the delicious jalapeño yogurt dip from Costco, I have had a serious problem. In addition to these food items I dug a little bit deeper this year, and have decided to give up negative body image talk. I think it’ll be incredibly rewarding to eliminate this negative chatter in my brain. I recently read an article that talked about how important it is to not talk about your negative body image around your daughter because it teaches her to also question the way she looks. I LOVED this article. Here is the link.. I strongly suggest everyone who has a daughter READ THIS. I know it sounds  a little funny to say I’m giving up negative body image chatter as well as junk food because don’t they somewhat relate to one another? Well yes, they do – and my hope is that if I manage my intake of foods I won’t feel the need to hate on my body image. I am a believer that the thoughts of body image sometimes perpetuate the foods you eat in a negative way. Maybe this is a bit of an experiment I’m doing for myself? Who knows… we’ll see how it goes!

Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go! quotes mother daughter shoes quote inspirational quote mom parenting blog just like mom mothers day

Anyways, wish me luck over the next 38 days (because it’s Friday and Lent began on Wednesday), and if you have any tips of keeping organized as a “school Mom” please let me know! As for the poop stuff, I will update on the blog when this phase fades away.. I hope it’s in the very very near future!



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