Wonder Week 7 – Blue Skies

It’s been 3 days since we’ve ended this BRUTAL developmental leap, and I just want to say, “Wonder week 7, see you NEVER again”. For a recap of how things started, and if you are wondering WTF is a “wonder week”, you can check out my initial blog post here. The stormy period (a.k.a. HELL) is recapped in my second post, here.

I’m still in a bit of a coffee haze, and I washed my hair today for the first time since this hell ended. Did it end? According to the chart, B has moved on to blue skies. Here’s where we’re at on the Wonder Week chart from the app.


That little red baby face is where we are today.

So what is the reality? 

Drum roll please……I am 99% confident that the excessive Triple C period of clinginess, crying and crankiness is OVER folks! HALLELUJAH.


I say, 99% because the second I say we are in the clear, is when I jinx everything and we’re back to square one.

I legitimately watched the app like it was my lifeline these past few weeks. It was like a mile marker on your first full marathon (not that I would know what those look like, because if I ever run a full marathon it means hell has frozen over). Every day was another tiny bit closer to the sunshine and rainbows! There’s really absolutely nothing to joke about with this particular wonder week. I wouldn’t exaggerate how tough these weeks have been, because that would be absolutely cruel to anyone who has yet to approach WW7 and truly wants to know what to expect. Which is:

  • Crappy Sleep (think 30-40 minute naps, night wakings, inability to fall asleep independently, and EARLY mornings)
  • Clingyness – Don’t even consider putting your baby down to play independently on the floor. If he or she is crawling, expect to watch your step at all times, and be prepared to replace a few t-shirts because you might have a few rips in the neckline due to death grips not letting go.
  • Crying – If your child is anything like B, expect deafening, high octave level screams. On a scale of 1-10, think 100. The cries will scar your insides. Why do they cry? Well, you probably set them down for half a second, or you may have taken their [empty] cup away too soon.
  • Flailing – Again, if your child is anything like B, prepare to practice your cat like reflexes, because one minute he or she is sitting calmly on your lap and the next minute their upper body is bending at a 90 degree angle throwing itself to the ground below. Hold on tight. You’ll amaze yourself with how fast you can move.
  • Crankiness – This almost goes without saying.. because if you factor in the crappy sleep, possible teething and a very low tolerance of patience from Momma, your child will not be a very happy camper!

How long does this last?

Well, according to the chart it’s a dreadful 5 weeks. BUT, I will tell you that in my experience it’s not horrible the whole time. There will be phases of torture. Phase 1 will be just as you begin the wonder week. Somewhere around week 41.5/42, you will notice that your little one is “off”, and a little more cranky than usual. Their sleep might be affected and there will probably be some additional crying. This might last about a week. Once again, around week 45.5 – BEWARE OF DANGER! For us, the last week and a half of WW7 was really a nightmare. Sleep was rough, crying was rough, and at times I was certain my child was possessed.

The good news?

In my last post, I documented all of the changes that took place for B during this mental leap. There are A LOT, and it is AMAZING! You can read that post here, but I’ll give you a snapshot here:

  • He is pulling himself up and cruising along the furniture, and has made a few attempts at letting go of the furniture to stand unassisted.
  • He points at things and grunts as if to ask “what’s that?!” – and points where he wants to go.
  • He is putting sounds together to form semi-words.. he can say “uh-oh” and almost says “hi” and “dada”
  • He is getting into a sitting position from lying down. He can also LAY BACK DOWN.
  • He starts to bounce and dance to music, claps his hands, and is almost waving and blowing kisses.
  • He’s been very vocal. It’s as if he’s really trying to talk and communicate.
  • He can climb (sort of) up the cushions on the couch.
  • He can grab a spoon and bring food to his mouth. He’s also feeding himself finger foods like a champ.
  • He’s opening drawers and cupboards

The changes really did seem to occur overnight. I can’t specifically document what happened first, second, third, etc, however I feel quite confident saying that our (not so) little man is well on his way to being a toddler, and has developed so much in the past month that I’m already longing for the days where my baby just wants to cuddle and swat at my face.

This wonder week has been off the charts. But you know what? I actually read my last post as I was prepping to write this one, and I ALREADY almost forget the fatigue, the screams ringing in my ears, and the frustration that I felt during the “stormy period”. Somehow, we are mentally and physically equipped to fight through the challenges; and to come out on the other side of the darkness feeling revitalized and REALLY REALLY happy. Your little one will bring a new kind of joy to your life after this leap, and things are becoming sooooo much more fun.

It’s truly unbelievable how accurate the wonder weeks chart/app was for us. If there’s anything I can say to encourage other mommas through this phase, it is to follow along with the wonder weeks app, pray for strength, drink as much coffee as you need, get outside and breathe fresh air as much as possible, and know that without a shadow of a doubt you will be done with this hell VERY SOON. There are bluer skies ahead, and you’ll need some sunglasses!


For more info on the Wonder Weeks, check out the website.


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