Today is one of my FAVOURITE days of the year, and not just because I can drink beer and not feel like a dude. My heritage is mostly Canadian, but my paternal Nana and Grandad are Irish.. so today is basically the one day of the year where I get to really ham it up for my ancestry. Can we all just first take a moment to admire the beauty of Ireland? I have never been to Ireland, but it’s absolutely on my travel bucket list!!

ireland-landscape-3.jpegImage from:

I wanted to try and fill our day with some fun activities that were very much St. Patty’s day themed, so here’s a few things that myself and the kiddos worked on today! I found all of these ideas on I HEART CRAFTY THINGS because I am terrible at coming up with cute craft ideas, and am eternally grateful for Pinterest! Having said that…when I find projects on Pinterest that interested me enough to actually give them a go, I want to provide my own personal review of these Pins here on the blog. There’s been MANY hits and misses, so before you go trying out these St. Patty’s day activities make sure you read my reviews below.

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin (5 STARS)

I put together a sensory bin for the kids! It was super simple, and I knew it would be a mega hit with K. You guys, no joke – this activity bought me a solid 45 minutes from miss K. It was a HUGE hit. Here’s where I found the instructions for this activity.


She is super focused on peeling those stickers!

I made some minor revisions, because I didn’t have all of the materials. Instead of split peas, I used lentils and dyed them green with food colouring. We had to put two pipe cleaners between the floral foam blocks because it kept pushing away with the pressure of the rainbow pipe cleaners. We also took a peanut butter jar, added some dyed green water and some soap to make a storm cloud, and K could spin it around to make a funnel. I mean, there’s no rainbow without a storm first – right? We also added some shamrock stickers to the jar because K is obsessed with peeling the paper from these stickers. Instead of mini tongs, we just used a spoon… although I know tongs would have been a huge hit – we just didn’t have any. womp womp. Lastly, I lined the container with some green satin fabric as an extra sensory component (only because I had it on hand).

This activity was amazing! No lies. K thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was excellent for fine motor skills. It was really cool watching K stick the pipe cleaners into the foam block to make a rainbow. Since she’s also been working on her colours lately, this was a great way to talk about them.

Even B got in on the action of sensory development today!


Leprechaun Stick Puppet (4 STARS)

I thought we would also do a cute craft and right now K is really into puppets. So since I had ALL of the materials I needed for this one, it was a no brainer. I kind of combined a few concepts from I HEART CRAFTY THINGS found here. I liked the idea of cutting orange pieces of construction paper for K to glue on separately. She thoroughly enjoys glueing… so we put some white glue on a plate and off she went. This was a quick and very easy craft. I prepped some of the cut outs the night before so it was ready to go first thing in the morning, after breakfast (hence why K is still in her “jammas”). It took probably 10 minutes to complete this activity, and then about half an hour to wait for the glue to dry before we could play with the puppets. Overall, it was fun and simple, but didn’t buy us too much time which is why I give it only 4 stars….

Sour Patch Grapes (3 STARS)

Lastly, in this house we LOVE baking. Our specialty is muffins, but we mixed things up a bit today and made some delicious sour patch grapes ! I am still avoiding chocolate for Lent, so that food item was off the menu. :.( I really wanted to do some cupcakes or muffins, but this Momma was DONE by mid afternoon… especially since B decided he would only nap for 40 minutes. I guess since he’s 11 months old today he thinks he can run the show…. #whatever #tomorrowisanewday

I will not lie.. these sour patch grapes were not the best. I was really excited about them because I absolutely love sour stuff. I expected K to enjoy them as well.. but the look of disdain on her face after trying one told me otherwise. They were VERY easy to make (jello powder and green grapes), so that was a plus… and I actually didn’t mind the taste at all. Even though it took a few to get used to the odd Lime taste from the jello powder. On a positive note – they can be rinsed off pretty easily if you don’t love the taste, and you’re left with a delicious juicy grape!


Here’s K making some sour patch grapes…. we actually froze them afterwards, so this is pre-freeze and she’s asking me if she can try one now. 🙂

AND FINALLY… Happy 11 months to my favourite Boy.





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