Paleo / Elimination Experiment Days 1-5

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Hey hey!

FIRSTLY – HAPPY 16 MONTHS TO MY BOY B. I seriously have no clue how he’s already 16 months. Gosh, he’s just the most incredible little boy, and while he continues to keep us on our toes, he brings a ridiculous amount of joy into our home every single day. Lately, he’s been really picking up on a bunch of new words, and can mimic the sounds that several animals make (monkey, rabbit – “hop hop”, lion, dog). He friggen LOVES his big sister, is not a big fan of men, and runs around our house so fast that I swear he’s got a permanent bruise on his forehead from falling so often. This kid needs protective gear, because he has NO FEAR. Gahhhh.. I love that about him, but I also know it’s what will give me grey hairs in no time.

Moving on….

If you read my last post you’re well aware of my experiment that I’m currently undergoing to ultimately identify if I have any food sensitivities that are causing me to suffer from constant acne. It’s something I’ve been dealing with for as long as I can remember, and I’ve reached a point in my life where I won’t accept that I’ll be battling this skin condition forever. I’m fairly confident that most skin ailments can be cured by identifying what is causing the imbalance in our bodies that trigger such harsh reactions. There are 7 typical causes of acne, as discussed in one of my favourite all time articles surrounding this topic.

  1. Clogged pores due to product/makeup
  2. excess oil
  3. dehydration
  4. sun
  5. toxins and liver overload
  6. hormones
  7. stress

You can read this article here, which is from an Ayurvedic  skincare spa in Toronto called Pure + Simple. They use all natural and safe skincare products and provide an expertise that I personally have never come across anywhere else. After coming across Kristen Eng, the owner, on social media, I made a point to receive a facial from Pure + Simple and was absolutely blown away. I purchased some products, and while they did help tremendously, I always knew that there was more going on, and my acne would not resolve by just using the right skincare products.

Fast forward to last week and I’ve embarked on a journey of cutting out basically all things good in my diet. Meaning, no dairy, no wheat/gluten, no sugar… seriously, it’s not an appealing diet by any means…it’s called Paleo. Caveman style eating. So I promised (selfishly) that I would track this 6 week journey on the blog so that anyone who is interested can gain some insight into what happens through the course of this experiment (ergh – diet) and whether or not it does anything to help with my acne. It’s also super beneficial for me to monitor this journey for myself because I’ll be more aware of what’s going on, and see if I notice any improvements beyond just the skin.

Without further adieu, here’s my 411 on Days 1-5 of the Paleo / Elimination Experiment

Day 0 – SCARED OUT OF MY MIND. It’s a Tuesday , and I had my appointment with my ND who told me I’ll need to embark on this 6 week diet. What did it mean? Cut out all the junk, and eat basically fruits, veggies, meat, eggs and nuts/seeds for 6 whole weeks… no beans, no cheese, no sugar. I was a bit overwhelmed, and one of my biggest fears was WTF I was going to sweeten my coffee with… I told myself that I would use the next day to get prepared and do some grocery shopping. It was also a special event day at my office with a
free BBQ…hell no I was not starting this paleo diet on this day. Nope. So that night, I took off to my favourite grocery store and filled my cart up with a whole whack of fruits and veggies. Seriously, there was NOTHING else in my cart… oh..except Tilapia filets. But that was it. I got home, loaded my fridge and started to feel a bit like Rocky Balboa preparing to take on Apollo Creed. I was getting pumped. So I skip Wednesday and then Thursday is the official DAY 1.

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Day 1-2 – Totally pumped. I felt prepared, I was ready to go and actually kind of excited. There was still a part of me that was a bit overwhelmed with the idea of having to really prepare what I was going to be eating but I knew that I would figure out a strategy and go with it.

Day 3 – My first day away from home since starting and while I took some prepared snacks with me, I was not prepared that the BBQ’d foods that were at the event we were at would provide almost zero options for me. I anticipated there’d be some green salad, maybe some grilled veggies and burgers that I could eat.. that wasn’t the case. I filled up on burgers. 2 ground beef patties with 2 slices of tomatoes. That was my lunch. By the time we got home, I felt ravenous. I was ridiculously hungry, and the anger started to creep in.

Day 4-5 – I am completely demoralized. I’m frustrated, tired as hell, becoming increasingly irritable.

“Low Carb Flu”

I did some research on Day 4 to find out what type of effects are commonly experienced while beginning a Paleo diet. I found out that there’s a thing called the “low carb flu”. It’s basically when your body is transitioning from burning calories for energy to burning fat. As a result, it makes you extremely tired, irritable, can cause headaches, and ultimately feels like you have a minor flu. Without a doubt, I was feeling this flu. Hubby and I had a good chat this day to basically prepare ourselves to go through a rough week or two while I transition through this phase of the process and struggle with the frustrations and fatigue that come with it.

As Day 5 comes to an end, I’ve learned 3 valuable lessons.


I’ll be back in a few days with another update!

Eating well, and craving ice cream.



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