Mental Leap 10 – The World of Systems (Wonder Weeks)

Wonder Weeks - Mental Leap 10, The World of Systems

At last… the final frontier of the wonder weeks!! This past week began a whole new mental leap… The World of Systems. On one hand, I’m terrified because I have a good idea of what’s coming, and on the other hand I’m SO EXCITED that we’re almost done with these crazy and intense mental leaps. I can say that from experience with my first child, they still go through “off” phases, but it’s never really to the same extent as a wonder week. According to The Wonder Weeks, this leap begins around 70.5 weeks of age, and ultimately peaks at 75.5 weeks. If your little one is not quite at this age, I encourage you to check out my post on Leap 7 and Leap 8 where I provide a run down of our experiences through those wonder weeks. The blog was on hiatus for Leap 9, so I did not document that one, even though I can say from my memory that Leap 9 was not nearly as bad as the others.. we seemed to get through that one relatively unscathed. Even though I say that now, it’s almost never the case when you’re knee deep in the fiery hell (forgive me – this is perhaps a slight exaggeration).

I’m going to rewind a week or so because I have definitely noticed that B’s behaviour has been slightly off. He’s been really clingy, and while I’m cooking dinner, he can almost always be found hugging my legs and throwing massive fits when I try to move him away and set him up to play with his toys. Not cool…. BUT, I’ve placed a lot of blame on teething, because in the last 5 days I’ve noticed 2 new teeth poking through. It wasn’t until the other night that it dawned on me – we’re approaching a new wonder week! How did I notice you ask? Well, he’s been napping like garbage, and the night before the wonder week began he completely resisted bedtime. Poor kiddo is really going through a lot.

So what should we expect over the next 5 weeks?

According to The Wonder Weeks, toddlers at this age begin to identify with the ability to choose how they want to behave. They can systematically uphold their values and norms, and ultimately they will begin to learn how they should behave. Understanding this, makes it very important as parents that we do our best to develop and encourage appropriate behaviours.

I can’t say just yet how these wonder weeks are going to play out, but we have already recognized the following behaviours:

The Good

  • Increased vocabulary
  • Recognition of animals and making the sounds they make
  • Amazing mobility – B is crazy active, can climb up and down stairs without hesitation
  • B has taken an interesting in drawing all of a sudden

The Bad

  • Poor naps
  • Protesting sleep
  • Extremely clingy
  • Infrequent independent play
  • Massive freak outs when you tell him no

The wonder weeks app is amazing for identifying exactly what some of the signs are, as well as highlights the abilities that come from getting through this next mental leap. I seriously recommend downloading this app because if you are anything like me, you MUST find a cause for all of the ungodly phases that children go through. Truthfully, I find if I’m better equipped with an understanding of what he’s going through, I am a better Mom and can be more empathetic and get less irritated. This is hugely important, because let me tell you, it’s not easy to keep your cool when you 30lb child is throwing himself out of your arms in a massive rage.

I’m going to post again in a week or two how things are going through this mental leap, and I’ll link the new post here so that you all can see how things pan out. In the meantime, if your child is going through a mental leap right now, my advice is to stay strong, understand that your little one is changing SO FAST and it’s all really amazing stuff. Watching our children develop mentally before our very eyes is truly an incredible experience, and while it can be immensely challenging, as I say with all difficult phases “this too shall pass”. Embrace the wonderful moments, and I promise, the bad stuff will be forgotten about by the time your head hits the pillow tonight.

Click HERE for the latest update.




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