Paleo Experiment – Days 5-20

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YOU GUYS! I seriously cannot believe I haven’t eaten any sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten or processed foods for 3 WEEKS! I’ve been living off of meat, fruits, veggies, and nuts/seeds (Read here as to why)….and somehow I’m still a functioning human being…and actually, kinda sorta happy about it!

I won’t lie – the first week was not fun, and there have been a few days where I’ve been fully enraged at the thought of having nothing easily accessible to eat. Check out my last update here for more detail on days 1-5. From Day 7 onwards, I think I’ve been able to work out some of the kinks with this new way of eating….trust me, it’s still NOT easy.. but I’ve kind of accepted that anything that really generates positive gains in our life will not be easy. At least for me, that’s been my experience.

There have been a few things that I’ve found to really help me in these first 3 weeks. First and foremost, PLAN PLAN PLAN. I have not exactly written out a meal plan for my days, but I will typically prep my lunch and snacks for work the night before, and have at least a general idea of what to make for dinner the next night. So, this hasn’t been very difficult because I’ve been fortunate to have hubby home all summer to help do dinner prep, which is a massive advantage. He goes back to work next week so I do know that I’ll have to be even more proactive in my planning when he’s not home.

RECIPE RESEARCH. This is a biggie… and thank you God for Pinterest. I seriously don’t think I would be nearly as successful if not for this incredible and (massive time wasting) site!! I have searched things like “paleo baking”, “paleo breakfast” “non-egg paleo breakfast” (because let’s be real, there’s VERY limited selection of breakfast options that do not include eggs… and my love for eggs is slowly lessoning), paleo dinner, dairy/sugar/wheat free meals, etc etc etc. Here’s a link to my pinterest board for all the paleo type recipes I’ve pinned so far.  My favourite to date is cauliflower fried rice and the blueberry muffins. Can’t tell you how excited I was that those recipes were so good!! I’m a bit of a muffin freak, and went on a bender testing out all kinds of different muffin recipes with K (she’s my muffin mixing master) – so the blueberry muffins were a major win. I’m eating a ton of sweet potato, zucchini and even tried spaghetti squash and loved it. Also, who knew a bowl of ground beef, brussel sprouts and quinoa could be SO FRIGGEN GOOD. That will be a major staple for me as well.

Brussel Sprouts, Quinoa, Ground Beef Bowl - Paleo Dinner

Also, I highly recommend these carrot cake energy balls from Joyous Health. I pinned these probably 2 years ago and finally made them. EARTH SHATTERING! I would also caution that if you eat out, read the menu very clearly. Eating out has not been successful for me… I find those are the times I struggle with the most, because very few take out places have clean eating options. This is massively frustrating!

I definitely have more recipes I want to test out, and there’s still a lot to learn with regards to this experiment, and finding new and exciting foods, but truthfully I have chosen to have fun with this. I decided early on that I was going to make the best of these 6 weeks and if I continued afterwards that would be a bonus. Ultimately, I really want to change the way I eat, and develop better eating habits that I can then share with my children to provide them with a better opportunity for nutritional health in the future. Isn’t that kind of our responsibility as parents? Ensure out children’s lives are better than what we have, and our children’s children provide better for their children – so on and so forth.

Lastly, I would absolutely say that I have to stay FOCUSED. As I mentioned, there have been times that I’ve felt a bit defeated and frustrated. I get annoyed about not having easily accessible foods, and then I have mini meltdowns. I’ve also done something that I really did not want to do – I started thinking too much about my weight. Getting off track and looking at weight as the driver is NOT my goal. When I met with my ND she mentioned I would “likely lose weight”..and while this wasn’t the intention, of course I felt a bit excited about this likely outcome. Well, when I started weighing myself on a regular basis and seeing little movement, I definitely got frustrated… so I had to put a stop to that, and instead I am refocused and listening more to how my body and mind feels, and less about the number on the scale. Easier said than done, right?’s a work in progress.

If I were to summarize the last 3 weeks, I would say that it has been a very positive experience overall. Learning new recipes, tasting new foods, educating myself more on food and how it impacts our bodies. These are all fantastic outcomes and I’m even more excited to see how the next 3 weeks pans out.

With that…

OH WAIT. You didn’t think I’d end there did you? But what about YOUR SKIN? Isn’t that why you are doing all of this?

My skin has absolutely seen improvement! And to be honest, I don’t know whether to be really happy or really sad about this improvement. haha. What it means is that something in my diet had been causing me to have acne breakouts – I think. It could be timing, and I still do have some breakouts, but is it food related? Well, to know for sure I will have to wait another few weeks. I’m thinking that the breakouts that are occurring right now are due to the build up of toxins in my body coming out, and therefore this is a temporary effect of the diet changes.

I would also say that my body feels less bloated. While the weight hasn’t changed significantly, I do feel less bloated and heavy.. so I’m going to assume that’s due to the diet.

Anyways, I’ll update again in a week or two and in the meantime, if you have any paleo recipes that are amazing please leave a comment below. I am specifically requesting some recos on how to make my coffee taste half decent. I’ve found that almond milk and honey is the best combo so far, but it’s still not great! oh, and please feel free to send me some almond butter – that shit is expensive!

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