The end of the “wonder weeks”


First and foremost, I’m going to apologize profusely for not providing an update sooner on how the wonder weeks turned out. I realize that I posted about how the 10th week began over a month ago and have yet to provide any follow-up. Click here for my last post on this topic.

Truth be told, this wonder week was a bit of a doozy. I don’t know if it’s the timing with teething as well but honestly, B has been MISERABLE for weeks. I won’t say that it’s been unbearable, but the clinginess is next level.. like if he could glue himself to my leg at all times, he would. His whining has been pretty extreme too, and boy does he know how to just make a noise that digs into your brain like chinese water torture. For reals, it’s not been cool.

Here’s the thing though, I actually handled this wonder week probably better than any one to date. Why is that? Well, right around the time B started the 10th leap, we were also dealing with my hubs going back to work after parental leave, and the kids starting in daycare. So even though there’s been excessive whining and clinginess, I will say that I kind of took advantage of it a bit. Since I’m not home all day to hang with my kiddos, I do my best to enjoy the time that I do have… even if it means having to find ways of coping with the misery of a wonder week. To the mama’s who are home and having to deal with the crying and cranky behaviour ALL DAY.. my HEART goes out to you. Seriously, I’m completely, and 100% hurting for you. This wonder week stuff is really NOT FUN. I will also add that in addition to the 3C’s (clinginess, crying, crankiness), B’s sleep was impacted as well, but I do believe that having sleep trained him at around 8 months the sleeplessness was totally minimized.  He would wake up through the night and usually within 5 minutes or so of fussing he’d go back to sleep. However, mornings were rough, and we have had quite a few 5:30 am-ers. With  the seasons changing, and darkness lingering until 7am.. I will say that being up at 5:30am with a crank-ass kid is just the pits. THANK GOD FOR COFFEE!

So…. all this bad, but where’s the GOOD? 

I know everyone really wants to know… what’s changed with B’s skills/abilities? Here’s a few things I’ve noticed are very different in the last few weeks.

  • more words! He walks around the house saying “momma”, increasingly louder if he can’t find me. LOL. While he has about 5-6 words that I can definitely recognize, it’s also clear he’s trying to say more.
  • He’s learned how certain toys function. For example, we have toy phones, and he will put it to his hear and say “woah”, which is baby talk for “hello”. He’s also mimicking big sister and cradles the dollies gently to hold them. Super cute.
  • He’s RUNNING. If you’ve read my past posts about B, you’ll get a sense that he’s a 0-10 baby…. there’s not really an in-between mode. Either super intense, or incredibly cuddly, sweet. I truly can’t believe how quickly he went from walking to running. It could have something to do with the fact that this kid has NO FEAR. I really need some advice on how to deal with boys of this nature. The no fear thing completely freaks me out. He’s doing things that took K until she was well over 2 to even try. Climbing the structures at parks and sliding down independently. WHERE DID MY BABY GO????
  • I find that he is really connecting the dots with things. It’s as if he’s really learning to understand how things work. I just love this…and I’m starting to see his nature coming out, which is that he will likely be very methodical and determined in his approach. He doesn’t take No for an answer very well, so while I recognize this could be a traumatic realization, I also understand that this particular personality trait could VERY much help him in the future. I guess we shall see if 15-20 years.
  • He understands what comes next. What do I mean? Well, I can use my words to describe that we are going to do something “Ben, let’s go change your diaper”.. to which he will rush off to his room, and lay down on the floor. He also knows that because I laughed and teased him one time when he jumped up from the floor, sans diaper, that this is what he should be doing every-single-time. I actually can’t keep from chuckling whenever he does this…bare bum running and squealing with excitement that he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing. How do you NOT laugh?
  • He’s become very much cautious of strangers. This one I feel is not so much a wonder week outcome but something about his age. It’s actually really shocking to experience this behaviour because I don’t recall K experiencing this. He will look at a stranger (who then smiles at him), and he will lose his shit. Like complete curled bottom lip and real full blown tears. This one makes me super sad…BUT, when he grabs a hold of me and squeezes tight, I feel really good that he’s finding comfort from me, and feels safe.

It seems like the changes are slightly less obvious with this final wonder week. In some way, I almost wonder if it’s just an issue of all the days and weeks blending in together, or if the changes are different overall. It’s totally accurate that after this wonder week it’s as if your baby is REALLY not a baby anymore. They’ve completely transformed into a toddler; have words, make choices, and understands sequences. It’s a really difficult, but absolutely rewarding time, and listen here Mama, always remind yourself on the tough days that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I promise. 🙂



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