What I’ve realized from the US Presidential Election: A Canadian Mom’s account.

I went to bed last night, with a gut wrenching pit in my stomach. Hillary was ahead, but Trump was inching frighteningly close. I knew – the writing had been on the wall this whole time. When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was open my computer and type in CNN.com – “IT’S TRUMP”. *heart sinks & tears well up* As much as we all knew this was becoming a very real possibility, it was like our brains wouldn’t allow us to accept it. Yet somehow, the unthinkable became a reality, and we all wondered “is this a nightmare”?

I won’t reiterate what we all already know about who Trump is… the manner in which he conducted himself was vile and incredibly potent. We shouldn’t be surprised by this…he’s not new to the American people. Did we all forget about “The Apprentice”? The hugely successful show in which Trump publicly humiliates people, shames them and then fires them for “failing” at a task?  His behaviour as “the boss” goes against everything that modern day business is trying to change. When we look at how new CEO’s see the world, treat their employees, and value positive social development, this is NOT who Trump is… but people watched, and raved, and loved. Why? Well, love him or hate him, he’s honest about who he is, and what he stands for. This is fundamentally why the American people elected him as their leader. It’s a message that the political landscape is flawed, and people are sick of lies, deceit and mistrust. Does this justify the outcome? Absolutely not – but above all else, it should undoubtedly create a movement for changing this system.

This election was not about right and wrong today – it was about what has been wrong for decades, even centuries. People have been far too accepting of hatred for far too long and frankly, it’s repulsive. Perhaps I’m just naive, and I look at the world through rose coloured glasses…but I feel like we have options here. We can carve a new path, one that leads us to a new hope and a better future for our children. We do not have to accept this anymore! It’s not about “legacy”. Just because it’s been tolerated before, does not mean we have to tolerate it today. Hillary showed us that women can run for president and be successful in receiving the popular vote. Trump even proved that no matter how much experience you have, or how many friends you make along the way, anything is possible. For me, today’s election results have proven that humanity has a long way to go before we can live in harmony – but the good news is that God has a plan. Whenever bad things happen, we learn. It’s not failure, it’s opportunity for improvement… that’s what’s happening now.

Proverbs 3 5-6.png

I believe that Hillary would have been the right voice for America, and for the world. There’s been so much hate in the past several years, that I truly believe a Mother’s voice, is what we needed. Someone who showed resilience throughout every set back she’s faced over the years, who every single time she got knocked down, stood up and pushed forward stronger than ever before. Hillary is a symbol of hope for women, young and old, and for men, that they too can show love and kindness, express emotion, empathy and rejoice in knowing that together we are stronger. She may not have succeeded in becoming President, but I truly believe it’s because her purpose is much bigger. This is not the last of Hillary, she’ll be back with more determination than ever.

As a Canadian, I am beyond grateful today, not because this election won’t effect us, because IT WILL…but because in the last year our leader, Justin Trudeau, has shown incredible hope, and has taken monumental steps towards reforming what is so wrong in the political landscape. A 50/50 gender representation in the house, electoral reform progress (eliminating the first past the post), advocating for women, children, lower and middle class, mothers and fathers alike, sexuality, race, and religion. His politics are completely contrary to Trump’s and I’m incredibly interested to see how their relationship unfolds.

As a final thought, I will take from today’s outcome that this fight for equality is not over, nowhere near it. It’s more evident today that I have to do my part in educating my children on fairness and equality, on respect and love, and show them that we must be fearless in the face of adversity, rise above with resilience, and never stop fighting for what we believe in. In our house, we do all things with Love. This is my mantra – and it will ring true today, and every day going forward.


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