DIY Rustic Vertical Plant Shelf

This year for our anniversary (2 months ago) we decided to forego actual gifts for one another. To be honest, we usually don’t get anything for each other anyways, instead we’ll buy something we need or want for the house (i.e. a coffee maker, artwork, etc). Since we celebrated 5 years together this year, we switched things up…. with WOOD being the theme for the 5th year, I proposed that we do some crafty DIY wood projects that I have pinned on Pinterest! D loves plants… and is always wanting to add more plants to the house, but with two kiddos, two dogs and a cat, this is a challenge. They need to be kept off the ground, and out of arms reach of little ones and critters. Thank god for Pinterest! Here’s what we created….

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Mind Blown Pinterest Success

Waterstain Removal

I’ll start off by saying that I have attempted MANY Pinterest DIYs and recipes. I love Pinterest. Who doesn’t? This meme is probably so true though, and we’ve likely all been duped.


I was never a big fan of cooking or baking… and now I get super excited to try new recipes. For that reason, I’m going to start a section for this blog that will highlight someĀ #pinterestsuccesses and #pinterestfails (I’ve had many of both).

This past week, I nearly pissed my pants with excitement over a much needed life (furniture) saving solution. I kid you not…. when this chemical free solution started washing away my problem, I almost fell on the floor. I ran around my dining room like a giddy school girl who just received a sideways glance from the captain of the hockey team. It’s true… this kind of stuff excites me these days.

This magical pinterest find, was a WATER STAIN REMOVING SOLUTION FOR WOOD FURNITURE!! Let’s rewind. Continue reading