Is it Naptime Yet?

Ughhhhh… today has been ONE OF THOSE DAYS. You know what I mean, the kind of day where the moment you wake up you expect nothing good to come in the next 15 hours or so. Like clockwork, it’s 6:15 am and I hear B waking up… Son of a… wait, I can’t say that phrase about him, can I? Crap. Okay, so it’s early, it’s still pitch black out, and the little voice down the hall is yelling for me. I saunter towards his room, turn on his light and try to be as cheerful as possible to get that amazing morning giggle that makes early mornings worth while. Nada. Instead, I’m greeted with screams. Oh boy, here we go. Continue reading


Insane in the Mom Brain


Chill. Calm. Laid Back. Spirited. Rambunctious. Pensive. Wild. The list goes on. These words have all been used to describe one child or another. I feel incredibly blessed that my daughter (age 2.5) is fairly laid back. She’s more on the sensitive side, and she certainly takes some time to come out of her shell (but look out when she does!). My husband is the same. However, ironically I’ve been told that I too am laid back, and pretty chill, and therefore I should expect the same from my son as well (9 mths)….. I’m sorry – WHAT? Do you know me AT ALL? Continue reading