Go Away Scary Monster, Go Away



How does one begin to discuss a topic that is so taboo, and often incredibly personal? Well, if you’re like me… you just dive right in. Cold water? who cares! After the initial shock, you come out feeling rather refreshed… am I right?

Anxiety… it’s a scary mother f’n monster!! According to statistics Canada, “one in four (25%) Canadians will have at least one anxiety disorder in their lifetime”. If you want my humble opinion, I am guessing that number is actually much higher. However, it probably goes unreported or untreated for many people. Why? Well, because it’s socially unacceptable to admit to, or acknowledge that you suffer from this beast!

It wasn’t until I had my first child that I really came face to face with this ugly and debilitating disorder. Continue reading


Mom Jeans

I used to think Mom Jeans were like an 80s thing… super hip at the time for all ages, but then our Moms just never got rid of them. I was wrong… so wrong. There really are such things as MOM JEANS, and today I must confess… I bought my first pair….FML.

A glimpse into my future perhaps?


What I love about this SNL skit is that they are over the moon happy about their high waisted, triple sized ass jeans. Who needs butt implants when you have these babies in your closet?

So I had an impromptu stop over at Costco today, and mother of God that store just sucks me in. I rarely leave spending less than $150, even when (like today) I stop in to pick up toilet paper. I was alone, and so that made things worse because I’m not in a rush to get in and out before meltdown central begins. Capital D – Dangerous! As per usual I am scanning the clothing section, and I see a table of jeans. Continue reading


Raise your hand if you like Mondays…..womp womp womp. I suspect very few people raised their hand, and if you did – you are a liar! (Or you work weekends, and Monday is your Saturday… in which case, we’re probably not friends anyways.. so :P). Anyways, Mondays are horribly horrible… and the only thing worse than a Monday – is a Tuesday, because let’s be honest, there is absolutely NOTHING to look forward to on Tuesdays, EVER! The good news about Mondays, is that I am going to make my very best effort to post my most honest thoughts on Mondays. I’ve coined these posts “Mom-fessional Monday”. I wish I could say I made up the momfessional term, but I’m sure I read it somewhere and therefore cannot take credit. This is happening on Mondays, because it’s the only day of the week that I can use alliteration for this super fantastic term. Bahh.

A momfessional post will include my admittance of something I have done, or currently do as a Mom. I’ve already said in my very first blog post that you can expect, above all else, honesty. So I won’t be sugar coating mommy hood, even though it really is pretty sweet MOST of the time.

So, the truth is…. Continue reading