“This Land is Your Land”

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Source: http://www.unhcr.ca/where-we-work/syria/

I’ve considered avoiding this topic because it’s quite sensitive, but ultimately concluded that it’s too important not to share. I’m also not going to pretend to know all the facts. What I will ask right out of the gate however, is that before you spew hatred and racism, do your own research. Stop sharing nonsense, nonfactual infographics on facebook – and for the love of God, don’t believe everything you read. If you are uninformed, as many of us are, and you are looking for a “coles notes” version of what’s going on. Check out this link from World Vision and this one, from MercyCorps.

I have never quite understood the realities that go on around the world. Of course, the media has propogated war and global extremism but none of this really hit home – so you can say it’s been relatively simple to pass it off and continue to live in our wonderful bubble of peace, prosperity and love. Let’s be honest Continue reading