Call Me Crazy, but I Love Winter!

It’s usually around this time of year that people start getting all complainy about how cold it is, and how they can’t wait for Summer. Well, hold on to your hats folks, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Winter. It is just so incredibly cozy. Fires, hot chocolate, hockey, skating, skiing, scarves, boots, mittens.. much cozy.

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2015 – A Year in Review…and what to expect for 2016

First and foremost, WELCOME TO MY BLOG. This is a crazy intimidating experience for me, but one that I am really excited to dive into. I’ll warn you all now that there are a few things you can expect from me here; #1 – Honesty, #2 – cursing and #3 – a lot of commas (,) and exclamation points (!) used when they shouldn’t be! Side note: I think every english teacher I ever had ran out of red pen circling my excessive commas. The reason for this use is because I am deathly afraid of run on sentences. *Nerd alert*

It’s so cliché to launch this blog at the beginning of a new year. Rah rah, new year, new me. While it’s true that I too want a “new me”, the truth is that 2015 actually brought me the realization that I’m pretty OK with the current me. This past year has probably been my best yet. I can attribute this high ranking year to the birth of my son, who has made me feel complete in every way. Not only has he completed our little family, but he has become my daughters playmate for life. When I watch the two of them laugh together, and make each other smile it makes my heart feel so incredibly full. At 2.5, my little blond hair, blue eyed princess is just the sweetest soul. She adores her baby brother, and somehow I feel like all is right in the world -for the first time ever. Continue reading