Raise your hand if you like Mondays…..womp womp womp. I suspect very few people raised their hand, and if you did – you are a liar! (Or you work weekends, and Monday is your Saturday… in which case, we’re probably not friends anyways.. so :P). Anyways, Mondays are horribly horrible… and the only thing worse than a Monday – is a Tuesday, because let’s be honest, there is absolutely NOTHING to look forward to on Tuesdays, EVER! The good news about Mondays, is that I am going to make my very best effort to post my most honest thoughts on Mondays. I’ve coined these posts “Mom-fessional Monday”. I wish I could say I made up the momfessional term, but I’m sure I read it somewhere and therefore cannot take credit. This is happening on Mondays, because it’s the only day of the week that I can use alliteration for this super fantastic term. Bahh.

A momfessional post will include my admittance of something I have done, or currently do as a Mom. I’ve already said in my very first blog post that you can expect, above all else, honesty. So I won’t be sugar coating mommy hood, even though it really is pretty sweet MOST of the time.

So, the truth is…. Continue reading