Today is one of my FAVOURITE days of the year, and not just because I can drink beer and not feel like a dude. My heritage is mostly Canadian, but my paternal Nana and Grandad are Irish.. so today is basically the one day of the year where I get to really ham it up for my ancestry. Can we all just first take a moment to admire the beauty of Ireland? I have never been to Ireland, but it’s absolutely on my travel bucket list!!

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I wanted to try and fill our day with some fun activities that were very much St. Patty’s day themed, so here’s a few things Continue reading


Mind Blown Pinterest Success

Waterstain Removal

I’ll start off by saying that I have attempted MANY Pinterest DIYs and recipes. I love Pinterest. Who doesn’t? This meme is probably so true though, and we’ve likely all been duped.


I was never a big fan of cooking or baking… and now I get super excited to try new recipes. For that reason, I’m going to start a section for this blog that will highlight some #pinterestsuccesses and #pinterestfails (I’ve had many of both).

This past week, I nearly pissed my pants with excitement over a much needed life (furniture) saving solution. I kid you not…. when this chemical free solution started washing away my problem, I almost fell on the floor. I ran around my dining room like a giddy school girl who just received a sideways glance from the captain of the hockey team. It’s true… this kind of stuff excites me these days.

This magical pinterest find, was a WATER STAIN REMOVING SOLUTION FOR WOOD FURNITURE!! Let’s rewind. Continue reading