my guilty pleasure

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It’s been over a year without cable in our house. I don’t even miss fact I feel so much more free! I used to have shows that I was so dedicated to watching every single week that I was pretty much committed to my television just about every night of the week. When we weren’t watching an actual show, we’d put CP24 on for background noise. The problem with this, is that it was SO DEPRESSING!! Honestly, there’s rarely anything good on the news, and I was starting to feel like this world is such a negative place where nothing good happens. I no longer feel this way, because I can pick and choose what I watch, when I watch and get specific news – online. Ahh..

Now, I won’t act as if we don’t watch TV anymore in this house, because WE DO! It’s just not scheduled television. Think netflix (LOVE LOVE LOVE) and online tv. This is sooooo much more practical for us because there’s zero obligation to be home, and we can be more productive with other things around the house.

Here’s my truth though… Continue reading