The end of the “wonder weeks”


First and foremost, I’m going to apologize profusely for not providing an update sooner on how the wonder weeks turned out. I realize that I posted about how the 10th week began over a month ago and have yet to provide any follow-up. Click here for my last post on this topic.

Truth be told, this wonder week was a bit of a doozy. I don’t know if it’s the timing with teething as well but honestly, B has been MISERABLE for weeks. I won’t say that it’s been unbearable, but the clinginess is next level.. like if he could glue himself to my leg at all times, he would. His whining has been pretty extreme too, and boy does he know how to just make a noise that digs into your brain like chinese water torture. For reals, it’s not been cool.

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Mental Leap 10 – The World of Systems (Wonder Weeks)

Wonder Weeks - Mental Leap 10, The World of Systems

At last… the final frontier of the wonder weeks!! This past week began a whole new mental leap… The World of Systems. On one hand, I’m terrified because I have a good idea of what’s coming, and on the other hand I’m SO EXCITED that we’re almost done with these crazy and intense mental leaps. I can say that from experience with my first child, they still go through “off” phases, but it’s never really to the same extent as a wonder week. According to The Wonder Weeks, this leap begins around 70.5 weeks of age, and ultimately peaks at 75.5 weeks. If your little one is not quite at this age, I encourage you to check out my post on Leap 7 and Leap 8 where I provide a run down of our experiences through those wonder weeks. The blog was on hiatus for Leap 9, so I did not document that one, even though I can say from my memory that Leap 9 was not nearly as bad as the others.. we seemed to get through that one relatively unscathed. Even though I say that now, it’s almost never the case when you’re knee deep in the fiery hell (forgive me – this is perhaps a slight exaggeration).

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Mental Leap 8: Programs (Wonder Weeks)

WW8-Feat Image

It’s been a really crazy two weeks in our household. ALL of us have been sick with what seems like a seriously nasty virus. It started off last week with K and myself, and then hubby got it Friday, and now B seems to be peaking today.

In addition to sickness, we (meaning B) started our 8th mental leap the world of programs – according to the wonder weeks app. This leap began on Wednesday (2 days ago) and honestly I’ve hesitated to document anything just yet because I didn’t want to jinx myself. Isn’t that how it works? You say something, and then BAM, the opposite happens. Anywhoo… I know how quickly details escape me, so I figured if I didn’t make note of what’s happening NOW, I would probably forget.  Continue reading

Wonder Week 7 – Blue Skies

It’s been 3 days since we’ve ended this BRUTAL developmental leap, and I just want to say, “Wonder week 7, see you NEVER again”. For a recap of how things started, and if you are wondering WTF is a “wonder week”, you can check out my initial blog post here. The stormy period (a.k.a. HELL) is recapped in my second post, here.

I’m still in a bit of a coffee haze, and I washed my hair today for the first time since this hell ended. Did it end? According to the chart, B has moved on to blue skies. Here’s where we’re at on the Wonder Week chart from the app.


That little red baby face is where we are today.

So what is the reality? 

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UPDATE: Mental Leap 7 – The stormy period (Wonder Weeks)

You guys, I know I posted about wonder week 7 when it began a month ago…. well, here we are with 7 days left (this wonder week lasts 6 weeks… talk about BRUTAL!) and I shit you not.. this is a DOOZY!!!!! If you are entering into this wonder week, or in the midst of it.. I will say that while it’s a nightmare, there’s also some REALLY amazing outcomes.

First off, I will say that B has been sleep trained. We did this around 5-6 months and 99% of the time he falls asleep by himself without any issue. Around 8 months we night weaned and he began sleeping through the night. For the past two months, we’ve had very little issue with sleep. He falls asleep by himself without any protest for 2 naps (9:30am & 2pm) and at bedtime (7pm), and wakes up between 6:15-6:45 in the morning without any wake ups. It has been 2 months of bliss!

When this wonder week began at week 42, there were a few days of crappy naps, but for the most part bedtime and nights stayed the same. B was also a bit cranky and clingy through the day, but overall it was totally bearable.