8 Reasons Why Every Dad should take Parental Leave


HAPPY mid-SEPTEMBER EVERYONE!  Are we all adjusted back to regular programming, daycare/school/work?? Not so much around here… does it ever get easier?? WAHH.

Well, despite our difficult adjustment so far (I’ve been SPOILED with hubby home) I wanted to provide a bit of a recap as to why every Dad should take parental leave. If you’ve been following along up to this point you will know that my amazing hubby took this past summer off to stay home with our two munchkins (aged 1&3) after I returned to work from 12 months of mat leave. We learned early last year that in Canada, DAD’s also have the opportunity to take parental leave…and not just within the first 12 months, thus forcing Mom back to work. While most people know that the parental leave (35 or 37 weeks) can be split between both parents, and the government provides us a financial benefit, what most people are unfamiliar with, is the additional 9 months BEYOND the original 52 weeks that can be extended to the opposite parent who took the first 35 (or 37) weeks. The one caveat to this policy is that the government will only provide a financial benefit for a combined total (maternity & parental leave) of 52 weeks (Well, actually 50 weeks because the first two weeks is unpaid.. I still don’t understand that!). So YES, hubby stayed home for the summer (4.5 months), and did NOT get paid. Since his income is more than mine, this was painful…not gonna lie. HOWEVER, I would do it again 1000x over.. except I won’t have 1000 more kids so it’s more just a metaphor to say IT WAS THE BEST DECISION EVER, and here’s 8 reasons why: Continue reading


Paleo Experiment – Days 5-20

Paleo Update - Blog Post - Header

YOU GUYS! I seriously cannot believe I haven’t eaten any sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten or processed foods for 3 WEEKS! I’ve been living off of meat, fruits, veggies, and nuts/seeds (Read here as to why)….and somehow I’m still a functioning human being…and actually, kinda sorta happy about it!

I won’t lie – the first week was not fun, and there have been a few days where I’ve been fully enraged at the thought of having nothing easily accessible to eat. Check out my last update here for more detail on days 1-5. From Day 7 onwards, I think I’ve been able to work out some of the kinks with this new way of eating….trust me, it’s still NOT easy.. but I’ve kind of accepted that anything that really generates positive gains in our life will not be easy. At least for me, that’s been my experience. Continue reading

Mental Leap 10 – The World of Systems (Wonder Weeks)

Wonder Weeks - Mental Leap 10, The World of Systems

At last… the final frontier of the wonder weeks!! This past week began a whole new mental leap… The World of Systems. On one hand, I’m terrified because I have a good idea of what’s coming, and on the other hand I’m SO EXCITED that we’re almost done with these crazy and intense mental leaps. I can say that from experience with my first child, they still go through “off” phases, but it’s never really to the same extent as a wonder week. According to The Wonder Weeks, this leap begins around 70.5 weeks of age, and ultimately peaks at 75.5 weeks. If your little one is not quite at this age, I encourage you to check out my post on Leap 7 and Leap 8 where I provide a run down of our experiences through those wonder weeks. The blog was on hiatus for Leap 9, so I did not document that one, even though I can say from my memory that Leap 9 was not nearly as bad as the others.. we seemed to get through that one relatively unscathed. Even though I say that now, it’s almost never the case when you’re knee deep in the fiery hell (forgive me – this is perhaps a slight exaggeration).

I’m going to rewind a week or so Continue reading

Paleo / Elimination Experiment Days 1-5

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Hey hey!

FIRSTLY – HAPPY 16 MONTHS TO MY BOY B. I seriously have no clue how he’s already 16 months. Gosh, he’s just the most incredible little boy, and while he continues to keep us on our toes, he brings a ridiculous amount of joy into our home every single day. Lately, he’s been really picking up on a bunch of new words, and can mimic the sounds that several animals make (monkey, rabbit – “hop hop”, lion, dog). He friggen LOVES his big sister, is not a big fan of men, and runs around our house so fast that I swear he’s got a permanent bruise on his forehead from falling so often. This kid needs protective gear, because he has NO FEAR. Gahhhh.. I love that about him, but I also know it’s what will give me grey hairs in no time.

Moving on….

If you read my last post you’re well aware of my experiment that I’m currently undergoing to ultimately identify if I have any food sensitivities that are causing me to suffer from constant acne. It’s something I’ve been dealing with for as long as I can remember, and I’ve reached a point in my life where I won’t accept that I’ll be battling this skin condition forever. I’m fairly confident that most skin ailments can be cured by identifying what is causing the imbalance in our bodies that trigger such harsh reactions. There are 7 typical causes of acne, as discussed in one of my favourite all time articles surrounding this topic. Continue reading

6 Week Paleo/Elimination Experiment

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Well, I have to admit – it feels really good to be back on the blog! I struggled for the past few months with what my first post back would be about. Should I talk about how I’ve integrated back into the working world? Or perhaps how hubby has done an amazing job at being a stay-at-home Dad, or maybe all of the incredible lessons I’ve learned while venturing into the world of podcasts and my journey of self discovery…. none of these topics really stood out to me, even though I promise, I will cover ALL of these topics in subsequent posts. Instead, I’ve decided that this post will be different from what I’ve covered in the past. I’ll be going a bit deeper in this one, and revealing one of my biggest struggles and most embarrassing ailments that I’ve been dealing with since I was a teenager. Some truths…. and please, bare with me because this post is my longest one yet. (Don’t worry – this won’t be a new trend. I promise!!)

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